[Poetry] HER PETROLEUM By Sarah Faith

[Poetry] HER PETROLEUM By Sarah Faith

Lagos, Nigeria

As if the crises is not enough

as if the fight(i)ings are never ending

as if the lawlords don’t administer

as if the people don’t have voice.


When the prophetic eyes can’t see

when now those in power do not understand what is happening

when now her only hope is dying

a nation like ours is hitting the mud.


Calling her our last resort is like calling a dying man back to life

her most treasured gift

her most cherished possession has now become her most dreadful fear


Her child can’t suck because the mother is in chaos

her fathers can’t sleep because his mind is as a ragging stone

the power can’t act because the Rubicon has been crossed

are the gods now to be blamed for the talented ones?

what happened to the confidence of her other treasures?

why did this gift bring the most pain?


Should we hide now when night falls on us all?

undo; a fire that must now be put off

a gift even from the gods cannot be cursed.


© Sarah Faith

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