Pengicians Weaving of Words [Volume 1]

Pengicians Weaving of Words [Volume 1]

“Just as a memoirist cannot do without the 1st person ‘I’ pronoun;
In the Literary Shrine, I see me as a pro now.”

“Periwinkle and mudskipper are brothers. Therefore, challenge not one another in thy village. Rather, challenge your uniqueness.”

“We don’t need the acts, you and I could pass for Italians ’cause we do a lot of Romans”
Toby Abiodun

” As a sage,
I arise with my verge
In holy rage
To influence this age
With my edge.”
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
“We are both possessed
But there is a difference, am literarily possessed, but you’re highly possessed with fear!”

“Oftentimes in our search for answers to the questions of life we lose our ability to loosen up forgetting that even Google Plays”
Toby Abiodun

“I’m a sex maniac when it comes to hiphop
I hate to zip up.”

“Lord! I’ve paid my dues. Let thy Dews fall on me so that my leaves will grow green.”

“The world is sick so we must be the patient”
Toby Abiodun

“To them, today is a Boxing Day; but I’ll think out of the box and box my pocket up.”

“Your goals will take you there because a goal Posts”
Toby Abiodun

“When it comes to literary creativity, I’m a pro
With me who wants to go?”
“Some voices call out
Whilst another jogs stout
I am seated down here
With me cell fused there
The sewing machine cries
Cracking, cracking as it rise
Ride, ride sewing cloth on
Apprentices stand by to gain
As of now it would not rain
The cloud as it for us so cold
As the earth pours and had sold
Us dusts from its dirt as we walk
As I type radios around talk
Throwing bit as we listen
Festivities around us sweeten
We supposed yo thank so great
Lest shall He angers, calls us ingrate
Hands that ought to have been cut since
Because of poor minds, series of sins
Too but out of graded grace we were
We are and would be even though we swear
Thus am thankful, am Emmanuel, emmanuel
This tongue sings, sing-songs, I want no hell
Paradise for my back after the last breath
When the cold hands of the man, death
Would come and even for death am even
It is odd, death is odd but darkness can be even
He would save me the lots of pains of ageing
Too much with everything is like seriously sinning
When the body draws and haggard grades gracing beauty with gore
The face men chase to death’s doors then squeezes at their shore
To this path, oddly shall my rhythm take henceforward
Henceforward light would ask truth from to
Do and make exploit as darkness pays dime
Dime is nought but try to make do
See how hypocritical man could prove and be
Be it not the same sin angered against I still rallied really and enjoined to see?
Confusing confusion calls as we assess this things
Things with the truth and toxic are hard and confusing
But follow the path straight always avoiding straight
Strait cuts with diss, cross and pokes with claims but
I would have to return for fun
Telling tinting tiny tree to trust tani?
Femi, frenemy friend fully filled from flaws, faults
End every entity, anything eggs, every Emilia, hell enlists
Call Colonel Cummings, crawl coming combing cutting curt closing courting courtship
Put Peoples’ pieces per pork per percentage parking packs pro per peep
As ‘asin’ asking astonishing as in asterisk’s has asteroid astute as
What wort worthy wordlessly was wars worse?
Everything makes sense you agree?
As it calls of beholders to see glee
In wrongness you take delight in seeing right
You take left to end up right, you get this right?
As this is art and nothing more but right junks
Ones astonishing like my past rugged punks.”
Jodekss Gloatkenf

“I have a heart as light as morning meals but it won’t break fast”
Toby Abiodun

“I don’t need Nigeria Brewery packaging, me sef know say I be STAR”
Toby Abiodun

“Every step I take
Every move I make
Every dirt I rake
Every woman I wake
Every brow I raise
Is as a result of my fornication with my PEN.”

“I can’t play fake and call that creativity, no I think it’s rather called; safe crazitivity”

“…..I am like KOGI ’cause Greatness and I are in a CONFLUENCE STATE….”
Toby Abiodun

“They keep searching on Google.
I have told them
I don’t know where my PEN IS.”

“Isn’t it insane that I try to look like Beyonce, when the real she behind the camera is Beyond what I see?”

“I have lines like an architect, the plan is to make your heart my design…”
Toby Abiodun

“Give me only 3 minutes
I will do what Wole and Achebe couldn’t do
at the Literary Shrine.”

“All them guys wanna wear designers, like they know the signers”

“She loves the balls,
I give her freelicks, the penalty is pleasure”
Toby Abiodun

“I was born November 22.
I was born in a dry season to rain (reign) on Earth.”

“I heard the devil wears Prada so the song Panda had to have been done by a Designer”
Toby Abiodun

“I came to join you suck the periwinkle I thought you were sucking. You confused me when I met two naked structures on the table solving “in and out” equations. Blame me not. The door was not locked. You should shut me out of your existence. I have air (err)”

“In the morning we REMINISCE, what happened at night was TOO MUSH”
Toby Abiodun

“I don’t waste time when am being called to smear my ink upon any surface.
Some will hide.
But I will always surface.”

“Every man grew from a woman, even COCKS were once CHICKS”
Toby Abiodun

“The notoriety of a personality is a functionality of peculiarity. The
world needs something new, but, it’s so sad that even the newcomers
cannot afford the quality of being new.”
Uzoma Ezeson

“I can feel myself. No need for any erotic moves from any damsel.”

“Only a resolution laced with the quality of revolution can give birth
to a complete evolution. If your revolutionary decision is not
revolutionary enough, the evolutionary effect will never be achieved.”
Uzoma Ezeson

“That yesterday never returns doesn’t make it a bad investment”
Toby Abiodun

“I can date you on my calendar
and dumb you in a date.”

“Corruption defiles our race, spits on our face and then eats deep into the fabric of our society little wonder we have a material called lace”
Toby Abiodun

“Dare not to mew when am working on your Pussy Cat. Let’s chase the mice away from the house.”

“Do not fall prey to dead god(s)
But, just pass me a pen, and I will worship the true deity in your brain”

“Two heads do not bear the same headache”.

“I don’t need to go out with Robbins
to rob beans.”

” Life is a vehicle and struggle drives its wheels. We are but its passengers nursing patience with anxiety”

“You don’t need a visa
to find yourself in Sambisa.”

“Last place is the heaviest thing which I cannot afford to carry in the school of Life.”

“I don’t argue with people with no visions. You will not still see me by the side of those who are dumb and deaf.”

“I’m very brief like 5 feet, but people who are 7.5 feet still look up to me.”

“I do nothing for a living
If not for killing words by daily weaving of lines.”

“Her flow is nothing compare to my Muse’s flow.
My Muse flow faster than a river.”

“I decide when to kick off
Whether on or off.”

“You must not have a heart of a lion
to go to Zion.”

“I’m terrible.
I don’t need anyone to tell me. My enemies are always uncomfortable
when am around their tables.”

“To be bad like Kingkong
You don’t need a single song.
Just your chest
And the positive crest.”

“Service severed of a regulated respite is an unbranded servitude. Life missing in merriment is a modified misery.”


“When life’s condition is harder,
licking of relaxer
will bring no softness, things will always be HARD like Aso Rock.”

“You call me the baddest
is not a guarantee for me to will my asset.”

“You must be a nut eating nut from the north not to know that nought isn’t the same as naught nor that nothing from the north is too knotty for anyone from the north to unknot.”

“No matter how bad the economy of Nigeria,
Prostitutes will never go on strike.”

“If there is nothing to live for, at least, be brave enough to live for your death.”
AbdulHafeez T. Oyewole

“No matter the roughness of a breaking news, it can never be as rough as the back of a turtle.”

“Not all those who talk Nonsense, don’t have sense. Some might just be too
tensed for their words to make sense”

“No matter how strong a Gionee battery, it can never break any marriage”

“If there is something to live for, then don’t die yet while with a breathing soul.”
AbdulHafeez T. Oyewole

“At times, you might not see the best, but might see the worst and possibly turn it to be the best.”
Lekan Malik

“I have gone places without Xender and Bluetooth.”

“Happiness is not a hideout of beer parlour, perhaps sorrow and death if recklessness is not cautioned.”
AbdulHafeez T. Oyewole

“Break record!
no one has been awarded as the highest heart-breaker. Limit the speedometer of your heart breaks as you drive on the lane of Life.”

“Your are a half able-bodied who could only design with Corel draw
But the little words in my blood could paints the wordy world and prove
the quarrel draw”

“When fools talk, wise men don’t learn, we only listen; while wise men
learn, fools don’t listen, they only talk!”

“Life would be fun
when you stop watching SIR A-ONE like porn.”

“We are good at knowing how to do different things, so, don’t blame me if I don’t know how to do what you know how to do.”
Lekan Malik

“You know talk isn’t cheap when the head pays for what the tongue speaks”
King Dee

“Now, I realised if a man lacks the coin to buy life experience, there’s no crime if he can rob his neighbor of his”
Afolabi Emmanuel (Legend)

“When you attain, you maintain in order to retain…”

“I am important like ‘K’ in ‘King’, you’re unimportant like ‘K’ in ‘Knicker’ ”
King Dee


© Individual Pengician 2017
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