[PengicianBot] Tomorrow knocks for a better Nigeria by Ajibade Abdullah A.; Oloso (The Prostitute) by Busy Brain; Let’s greet the Sun by John Chizoba Vincent




AJibade Abdullah A.


In vehicle of recession

Passengers, fueled with bitterness

Driver sigh no rue

My pen ceased not bleeding truth


In the atmosphere of change

Wind blew away happiness

And raped minds

with hunger condom


In the path of no vision

Bestow, tons of regrets

With injured end

Painted no gain


The joseph we await

To resurrect it

The dead economy

The joseph we await


For Tomorrow knocks


For a better Nigeria

© AJibade Abdullah A.






Busy Brain


Spare me the ish of living couples’ life,

Cos I’m not in to be a fiance nor  house wife.

Please, take me home to pass the night,

And cash money tells if am to serve you right.


Spare me the dead stories of going into marriage,

Cos my tingling boobs still stand and not in old age.

I will not but seduce the noble men and the wealthy,

Cos I’m strong, sweet and healthy.


Spare me those sermons of reading to pass,

Cos I’m so proud of my wagging waist and my ass.

I’m a romantic nature that’s sweet like honey!

I portray this body to cash my cool money!


Spare me those quotes that are full of piffle lines,

Cos my sexy physique carries face that shines.

Come near to have my warmth embrace and caress,

But set me free from serious field, not your business.


Spare me the weak words of courage,

Cos this path is so enjoyable with myriad advantage.

I earn more with my curvy styles and groaning chants!

I scream more when willy runs through my wetted pants!


Tell me not about the ruffian storm of hot kisses

Cos it produces deep feelings that sound like long hisses.

Stop the costing summaries of my Brazilian hair,

Cos it’s the crafted color of all time big girl.


But, what if the end time comes near

and grab my faint heart with fear?

Would you tell me why my standing breast is flat like a tyre?

Why my luring neck is long like a wire?

Why the lecturers have failed to make me a treasurer

Why my results laced with many carry-overs

Would you tell me why these wealthy men cannot come to my aid?

Why they paint me with a gory color of HIV/AIDS

Why my figure eight fetched me a disgrace?

Leaving a trail of tears on my cheery face.

Would you tell my mates in higher institutions

that a known perish route is to venture into a prostitution?


Let this be borne of pseudo dreams that would never come to pass.

Let’s all be a promising girl that would never trade a ass.

© Busy Brain




Let’s greet the youthful sun that

rolls the mat of our suffering before

the night rain visit our spreading sin

Our joy is born with faith and hope

We’ve seen the moon put on a smile,

his bed, flowered with a breezy dawn

Our noses have smelt yet another year

full of love and they said the  sun did it

Season comes and goes but we remain here

We can’t eat our food raw when the sun

remains the pride of which we stand for.



© John Chizoba Vincent


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