Her Majesty came to visit me before my departure [Diary of a serving NYSC Pengician] By SIR A-ONE

Her Majesty came to visit me before my departure
[Diary of a serving NYSC Pengician]

I finally set eyes on Her majesty after 5 good years of absence.

Her majesty has been my very good friend right before I secured admission into the university.

I don’t play with her. She knows that very well.

Back then I read about 12 pages to her of the memoir I composed about her. All she did was to smile with few words
“You will go far in writing.”

Queen Amadi
She really felt I composed that memoir to please her. Not at all.
I did it because my Muse told me to.

After several calls and texts, her majesty left the palace to my Literary Shrine (Rumueme, PortHarcourt) to be with me. We spent 6 good hours together.
What an atmosphere?
We discussed more than enough.
If friendship(s) could be like OURS, I bet you there will be no need for betrayals.
We are actually more than friends. We are just too good to be separated.

The agony in me was ‘I couldn’t make her comfortable’. But she is a rare gem. She would always understand.

Our friendship is purer than the purest of waters anywhere.

I couldn’t help it when

Queen Amadi she was about leaving. I had to get closer to her palace before I went back home.

Thanks for checking on the Literary Shrine Attendant (LSA).

Her majesty is a graduate of French from the University of Porthacourt, Choba.

While the Literary Shrine Attendant (LSA) is a graduate of Linguistics/Urhobo from Delta State University, Abraka.

Both Linguists.

We know ourselves.
We know the Holy Bible.
We shall not go against the rule of natural justice, equity and good conscience.

You mean more than words could ink, Dearie.
[Diary of a serving NYSC Pengician]




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