[Fiction] Igadamigada: An NYSC tale in Igbo Land {Part 2}

[Fiction] Igadamigada: An NYSC tale in Igbo Land {Part 2}


Omolade was fed up with HeartLand FM 100.5 and 88.1 FM that kept broadcasting almost everything in Igbo.

Her only leisure is during the evening hours. That’s when she always tune in to these frequencies that would not allow her understand whatever they are saying.

She had to switch to her audio player to hear hip hop, An ardent lover of hip hop.

She was listening to Lil Wayne via her headphone before she started sniffing trouble around.

She sniffed while looking at a picture of him on her Gionee M2 phone.

She shook her head like Cherubim and Seraphim prophets about casting out a demon with a bunch of broom.

“Everything that’s bringing you and I together must die this night in Chinua Achebe’s name I pray. Amen.”

The way she echoed the AMEN was even louder than pastor Chris of Christ Embassy in his Atmosphere for Miracle programmes.

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A call came through almost at the end of her brief prayer.

The caller was not on her phonebook, she picked out of excitement.

“Baby boo”

She ended the call with immediate effect before the caller could proceed further.

She is not a stranger to Aboyi’s voice. Anger began to simmer in her like never before.

She felt a crawling sensation from her nostrils and wiped it with her hand. A proper view from the Phone torch light crushed her into her pillowless bed.

“Blood from my nose? This cannot be pregnancy. This must be the quaro virus.”

Tears began to gush from her eyes like Enugu erosion during raining season in Nigeria.

“Wait a minute! My left hand vein is beating like my heart. Could this be pregnancy?”




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  • There is a big problem here. Pregnancy or the quaro virus?

What if you discover, it is pregnancy or quaro virus or none of the above?

Stay glued to www.pengician.com for the whole story.

Your comments and criticisms are highly welcome.

  • Tale of romance cooked up by quaro virus and other complications. Omolade and Aboyi in big problems.


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