[Fiction] Igadamigada: An NYSC tale in Igbo Land {Part 1}

[Fiction] Igadamigada:
An NYSC tale in Igbo Land {Part 1}

Igadamigada is one of the most peaceful state to serve as a Youth Corps Member. What she learnt from people who have been to Igbo areas especially to the heartland (IMO) State.

Igadamigada to the north is Ego community. South is Agada. East is Atta. While west shared boundaries with Ikpin (Land of the Dead).

Omolade is always proud of herself. “I’m serving in a community that takes good care of corps members. And not like Ikpin the hostile community to National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members.”

Within four (4) weeks of settling down, she had started seeing some inexplicable changes in her body.

Could this be the quaro virus from Ikpin community?

Her mind zigzagged into her encounter with brother Aboyi her new-found love from Ikpin community.

Their brutal exchange of semen and vows at the altar of orgasm kept driving her nut.
“Is it the quaro virus or I’m pregnant for this illiterate Aboyi?”



🔰Omalade is as confused as the current Nigeria’s President, Buhari.
Stay glued to www.Pengician.com
to see how the story will come to an end.

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