Consistency is the 🔑key 🗝

Consistency is the 🔑key 🗝

When you’re not consistent in what you’re doing you seem to jump from one canoe into another.
Focus is a virtue. Be focus.
A friend started a business late last year, and he’s already complaining. According to him
“I will stop this business by January 25th, no matter what.”
I think this is too fast. A business that is not even up to 60 days old.
Before you start anything in the journey of life, make research. Ask around that venture/business etc you want to go into.
If you are not consistent in what you’re doing, you will not enjoy it.
Passion should drive you daily in the vehicle of progress. Don’t alert until you have gotten what you want. Even when you have gotten that ‘thing’ why not forge ahead?

The richest man in the world today is never tired of making more money.

✅Nigerian blogger

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