Life boasts of few absolute facts
Opinions are byproducts of tacts
Issues are mired by minds’ state
Debates suffer preconceived fate

Perspective often is a rude rudder
Orchestrating much of our pudder
A foes honey will have bitter taste
Nothing enjoys unfettered chaste

Eyes aren’t the true organs of vision
Rarely are they not drivers of friction
Virtues and vices are cojoined twins
Their constant tussle none truly wins

Victors aren’t immunned from bully
Triumphs do often succumb to sully
Righteousness is never sealed tight
Mere mind flick wrongs every right

Murders are not without noble taints
Killers may atimes be turned to saints
Prize and perspective define all events
There is always more to overt intents

© Dr Onah Stanley Kenechi

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