Give Me The Floor Now; Else Someone Will Go Down [Diary of a serving NYSC Pengician] – SIR A-ONE

Give Me The Floor Now; Else Someone Will Go Down – SIR A-ONE

[Diary of a serving NYSC Pengician]





Mbiama is one place I can spend several days with comfort. I cherish the calm environment and the lovely faces around. No agitation-looking faces around.


Tuesday, 27th December 2016


The very last Tuesday of the year, 27.12.2016

Richy and I departed Port Harcourt City for Isua Community-Engenni, JOINKRAMA (JK 2), Ahoada West Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. The last time I was here for the Beach Party was 6 years ago. After the party, I spent 8 good days here (JK 2); a peaceful community, very calm and gentle like an immaculate dove by the river side. My friend, Richy Onwunaru has always been there for care and comfort. We (Richy and I) have been very good friends for a very long time. We have been very close pals over 7 years now and the relationship has been hale and hearty all along.

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The Beach Party


The ‘JoinKrama’ clan has been known for their fantastic beach parties. They do their parties different days to see to it that each clan is able to mobilize crowd for the other clan. December 27, each year is for Isua (JK 2) community.  Storming the community this day has been the perfect timing.

sir-a-one-2         sir-a-one-3

At the party proper, I said “Give me the floor now, else someone will go down” out of excitement. The joy of seeing your loved ones for years can really warrant countless promises and statements. Good music was the hallmark of the Beach party.  Reunion of some kind took place between friends, family members and colleagues.


The population of those who came tripled that of the last time I was here.  Improvements like oldies settling in one region while the young ones distributed themselves at the remaining zones by the beach side. The way under-16 (boys & girls) filled the whole place this year got me thinking if this is their party or ours (early 30s). By the Bamboo side, the bigger boys and girls were weeding the hell out of the atmosphere. Despite being an open party (Beach Party), the atmosphere was marijuanalised to the core.

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Photo sessions were busy like Amsterdam airport. I really did enjoy myself with my friends. It’s once you go to pay the Deity harvest’s dues at the Shrine. ‘Dj Spin’ of Rhythm 93.7FM Portharcourt and ‘Dj Blaze’ were on the wheels and steels. The party began properly at 6PM till mama’s call.




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