Exit the camp on permission [The NYSC Chronology from the Literary Shrine (Day 15 & 16) ] by SIR A-ONE

Exit the camp on permission [The NYSC Chronology from the Literary Shrine (Day 15 & 16) ]


After the baptism of praises on us at the Director General’s visitation yesterday,
many persons felt comfortable in mediocrity. These were carried in various bags of corps members.
They applauded camp officials who even blunder in almost every statement.
¤Under the rain.
In the rain or under the rain?
This is even part of the NYSC nationwide Anthem.
Corps Members or Corpers?
Who the hell invented that?
¤Are you hearing me?
Can you hear me? Or are you hearing me?
The worst of all, these blunders are being committed by NYSC highly paid educated elites.
I rest my case.

The director general of NYSC had briefed the Imo State wing of the NYSC of his coming a day before his arrival on Thursday, 8th December, 2016.

A clear conscience fears no accusation

At 4.36pm Friday, 9th December, 2016 the military personels who always force us out of the hostel(s) were nowhere to be found.
The army had wrecked bruises on 3 persons during the afternoon. One was an NYSC batch a 2016 corps member that had announced his presence in camp for the Friendly match between the Batch A and the Batch B Corps Members.
His entry was greeted by a thorough beating along the NYSC official that accompanied him with another Batch A Corps Member who came for the friendly/novelty Match.
Contact Pengician

The afternoon uproar between the military and the civilians, pushed in a Toyota Hilux of Army we have never seen in camp before. There was nothing like ‘joy’ in their faces. We didn’t care neither as their looks means nothing to us. They are military, and, we are bloody civilians as they said. All that matters is we are all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
We (corps members) are not afraid of them. We only respect them.
Why are they fully armed like people at war front(s) before the corps members?
Our NYSC IDs replaced our State Codes.
Another fabulous thing that happened was our very first pay (Salary/Allowance).

Despite the allowance that came today, going out or exiting the camp without written note fully accepted by the RSM and Camp Coordinator, no permission to step out of the Orientation Camp.

Entry into the Camp is another big challenge for the non-Youth Corps Members and Youth Corps Members alike. No wonder the big problem that erupted between the Military and the Corps Members.

Listing the pains and gains in IMO State NYSC Orientation camp.

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