In willful ignorance many have elected to live

Hypnosis is a tool used in making some believe

Sectarian politics are draped in spiritual flavour

With blind recalcitrance they vent it with fervour


Christian religion is mired in this divisive offensive

Troubling that in this age it’s getting more extensive

In immoral relationships they’re allowed unchecked

Yet in pious marital union a bumpy wedge is placed




No denominational endorsement by our holy book

In superiority contest our bishops deceitfully brook

Away from public glance they’ll cuddle and mingle

Yet their proclamations keep many belatedly single


Under one master we still have avalanche of crisis

Given the opportunity some will be worse than ISIS

Discretionally and unwittingly, we snub our Lord

Peace we flippantly preach yet delight in discord


Some carry on as if with God almighty they daily blog

Hardly realizing it is their own lives that need a debug

Their whims and imaginations they wear a divine garb

To outside members they would want to throw a barb


Most of us are driven by poor ecclesiastical insight

Hearken not as they goad you into baseless dogfight

Thwart not the instructions of our omniscient coach

The Lord is prescient and always beyond reproach


It does seem pretty obvious to discern and appreciate

Mere mundane doctrines we are inclined to propagate

We daily see that play out in our intense fear of death

Most will opt to transit than stay in this cursed earth


Not difficult to imagine how God would be crossed

While advertising our passion we get Him mocked

Lurid surprises would sure be rife on judgment day

To obviate this, real radical reform must start today


© Dr Onah Stanley K

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