BENNY (Elegy to a puppy) By Lekan Malik

(Elegy to a puppy)
Lekan Malik
Lagos State, Nigeria

What a friend you were,
What a companion.
All understood you
And likewise, you did to all.
Your unspoken words were clearly heard.
Your language was intelligible.
Your barking was a notification,
Your grinning was an information,
Your swaying tail was a communication.
You were a security, protector, defender.
An indispensable pet.
Superlatively, Mum loved you
That she awarded you this rare freedom
To run around in her room
And even mess up her bed.
Benny, you were fun.

Shock refused to discharge me
When mum called to say
You eventually turned lifeless.
I reminisced over the severe pains you endured
And the spring of blood you lost.
Dysphoria was catapulted
Into my weeping heart
And my eyes tasted
The hotness of its static tears.
Benny, you saw it coming
But you didn’t tell us on time.
Rather, you changed,
You abandoned your food,
You refused to play,
You avoided all,
And chose to be alone in a dark corner,
You didn’t answer mum again.
You only looked her pitifully.
We didn’t understand the caprice,
The Vet was confused too.
Benny, now you are no more.

(C)Lekan Malik

Lekan Malik is the Coordinator of Creative Writers’ Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Lagos State Chapter. A terrific prolific writer. Published home and abroad. A learned Literary Editor.

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