Ondo State, Nigeria

before 2050,
single women will start paying the bride price of seven men,
on the matrimonial altar
where marriage shall be for adam and adam
and not for cock and cockereal.

before 2050,
virginity will no longer be the pride of infants and adolescents,
but for foetus sucking the milky breast of the womb;
homosexual scene will be the movie
juveniles will begin to act
on the theatre stage of subsequent generations,
if sexual immoralities and rape assaults
is not sentenced into the cave of life imprisonment

before the conception of 2050,
lucifer would ordained himself as the priest
who’ll be putting on the loin and cassock of sin;
on that sacred pulpit, his deceitful sermon will be preached,
false teachings, which will surely shake human’s feet.

before the bell of 2050 will ring,
economy recession may still be adored as king
if looters keep looting the treasures of africa’s mother
and her empires keep dancing
to the talking drum of corruption.

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before 2050,
crude oil may decide not to flow anymore in annoyance,
if vandals keep cutting the oesophagus of pipelines
and avengers keep setting the shrine of oil depot ablaze.

before 2050,
will there be a breathing life,
in the next century to come?
when terrorism slays like sword
and bokos of haram gives people
the visa of death
through the embassy of insurgency.

before 2050,
heaven and hell might be the abode
we’ll be living,
and not these cramble walls architectured with bricks and sands.
before 2050 will come,
the earth might have sleep on the cradle bed of death
and refuse to wake,
till the angel of armageddon
percussion the melody of the last trumpet.
Oki Julius


Oki kehinde Julius is a prolific writer, novelist and a performance
poet, who hails from Okitipupa in Ondo-State Nigeria. He is a prophet
of God’s word and a religion tolerance advocate.
‘Paragon Poet’ as mostly called by his literary counterparts, is an
award winning writer who has won laurels in poetry and other genres of
literature. He was the winner of the ‘Paragon Poet Of The Year Award
in 2015’ and the CWAN award in 2015.
Oki Julius was appointed from Italy, as the national secretary of
‘World Union Of Poets’ (Nigeria-Chapter) in 2016. This same year, He
was also appointed by ‘Poets In Nigeria’ as the Lead Representative of
Okitipupa Connect Centre in Ondo State. He is also the Ondo/Ekiti
state Cordinator of ‘Chrysolite Writers Nigeria’ and the Moderator of
Literary Planet.
His poem WE WORSHIP ONE GOD, which drew the attention of ‘United
Nation(UN), won the Chrysolites Poetry Contest in 2016.

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