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www.pengician.com  has overtaken 6,050,994 websites worldwide!

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  13. USAGE STATISTICS for Pengician.com
    SUMMARY by Month
    ➡Site was launched March, 31st 2016.

    April, 2016
    Hits: 48,570
    Pages: 6,079
    Visits: 1,774

    May, 2016
    Hits: 104,577
    Pages: 16,777
    Visits: 4,555

    June, 2016
    Hits: 90,761
    Pages: 19,841
    Visits: 6,578

    July, 2016
    Hits: 97,580
    Pages: 26,884
    Visits: 7,878

    August, 2016
    Hits: 153,702
    Pages: 47,566
    Visits: 13,554

    September, 2016
    Hits: 246,869
    Pages: 94,643
    Visits: 36,174

    October, 2016
    Hits: 463,279
    Pages: 238,222
    Visits: 104,876

    November, 2016
    Hits: 517,097
    Pages: 275,003
    Visits: 112,468

    December, 2016
    Hits: 562,890
    Pages: 295,346
    Visits: 125,894


    January, 2017
    Hits: 562,807
    Pages: 305,300
    Visits: 151,251

    February, 2017
    Hits: 522,059
    Pages: 314,849
    Visits: 147,551

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