[Weaving of words] If… by Uzoma Ezeson

Uzoma Ezeson

If I got locked away

In the dungeon of fear

Daring not in the day

Always bringing home a tear

Stiffening on my doubts

Choking for my no guts

Crouching in the darkness

Not letting in the light

Living without sense

Because i fear the height

If I got carried away

By mythical legends

Dreaming of living gay

Basking in social high ends

Imagining my brave knight

Coming for me every night

Naive like a little child

Crude like the shy virgin

So simple, always in hide

Running from shadows within

If i were a lay-about

With no luck, no ambition

Parading like a tout

Afraid of decision

No responsibities

Denying abilities

Imagining the future

Seeing pictures of greatness

But never in the feature

The burden of laziness

If you knew who I am

If you knew what I can do

If you knew my story Sam

Would you still be my boo

Would you still call me your bae

Never leaving my side, nay

Would you wake the dreamer

Would you teach the simple

Believe in me the seer

And watch me the star twinkle?



Amaka is a writer and poet, an artist who uses strokes of words to
paint the snapshots of her mind on the literary canvas.

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