Man indeed has the enemies that kill him slowly and silently. These silent killers prevents you from getting to the peak. They delay and take away the happiness, success that is supposed to come your way.

If they are not gotten rid of, they begin to manifest and cause obstruction to your success.
Greatest challenge ever!

The successors out there, the published authors out there, the successful business owners out there are able to be successful because they looked intently at every silent killers and tried avoiding them so they won’t experience backwardness in their endeavours.

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The good news in there is that these silent killers can actually be curbed and prevented from blocking your successes.

Below, I share with you the silent killers of Man and how to overcome them.

– Lack of Purpose:

It is said that ‘a man of no purpose is also a man of no vision and direction’.
If you lack the purpose, the mission of which you were sent to this world to do, then the silent killer ‘Lack of Purpose’, is holding you down.
If you noticed you are just staying in a position, making no progress and not even having target you are working towards; then you do not have a purpose.

If the vision isn’t there, definately, the direction won’t come thereby leading to no achievement/success except for failure. I am very sure no one wants to experience failure, instead we all want to be successful.

Therefore, for you to attain success, you must identify your mission and work towards its achievement.

– Procrastination:

Procrastination indeed kills. The laziest thing you can do in your business, in becoming a published author, in excelling in your studies is procrastination. You tend to delay your success for trivial issues.

Procrastination is different from you trying to take a break from writing, vacation from office and all.
No, it shouldn’t be mistaken.
Procrastination is actually delaying what you should have done. It also delays your achievements.
Therefore it should be curbed.

If you feel tired or too glued to your computer, then take some hours or days off to refresh your body system.
After that, you can come back to it to get it completed not accompanied with laziness.

– Inconsistency:

Inconsistency means non-perseverance. Seeing business folding up is due to the lack of consistency of the business owner.

Your write-ups, career might not bring enough money but trust me, when you are consistent, when you have the perseverance in you, you will surely make it to success.

You should be able to endure all odds and believe that the path to glory isn’t smooth but despite all roughness, some are making it up there. So why can’t you?

– Negative Influence:

Moving with friends of no purpose can actually influence you negatively. Highly spirited friends should be moved with so you can get inspired by them but purposeless friends will degrade you and make you to be many steps behind your success.
So, move with highly spirited friends and avoid being influenced negatively.

With these silent killers I shared above, I am sure you will achieve greatness if they are avoided.
Best wishes in your endeavours.
The Personal Development Empress.


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