[The NYSC Chronology from the Literary Shrine (Day 6)] by SIR A-ONE

The Governor of IMO State Swore in the NYSC Batch B Corps members


Parade was gradually dying down like the urge of an 80 year-old man towards sexual intercourse.

We were split into our various platoons to commence activities within our platoons and focus on platoon’s development.


The Biggle Man and His Usual Disturbance

Part of 28.11.2016

At 5.01a.m, the Biggle call slapped us from our various beds when we were still enjoying our early morning sleep.

At 6.06a.m, we dismissed from the Meditation session.

8.12a.m, we were assembled for final rehearsals for His Excellency.

11.42a.m, the parade ground was littered with humans, corps members, dignitaries and visitors alike 12.33pm, His Excellency, Owelle Rocha’s Okorocha, OON was duly represented by his Deputy. Others who were in attendance were:

High Chief Dr. Rodney T. Ajaelu, Hon. Commissioner of Youth, Sports and Public Safety, Chairman, NYSC IMO State Governing Board;  Mr. Fasanu Isaac I., State Coordinator, NYSC, IMO State; Mr. Michael Obemeata, AD Deployment and Relocation; Udonte Favour N., AD CWHS; Mrs. Gift Candida, AD CIM; Mr. Enweonwu L.I, AD Corps Discipline and Reward; Mrs. Oye Dorin Ige, AD PRS; Mr. Oni Olusanya Jones, AF CDS; Mrs. Ngwu Lilian, AD HRM; Mrs. Ilorah Faustina, AD SAED; Mr. Babalola Henry, Head, Accounts;  Orunde Ugochukwu, Head, Legal Service;  Barr. Mrs. Chizubere Nwosu, Agu Osondu Agu, Head ICT; Igboke Samuel, Head Auditor; Ifeanyi Patience, Head Store and many others.

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01.23pm, his Excellency left the podium with a very long convoy that left us deaf and dumb with sirens.

01.34pm, We all dispatched the parade ground.

2.53pm, lunch beans (cowpea) alongside small ration of garri was served.

Corps members were told the core areas they will be posted to in the State:

  • Private Sector Large Scale, Agriculture Establishments.
  • Road Construction.
  • Development Project and Local Councils.
  • Development of Sports.
  • Water Scheme.
  • Surveying and Mapping.
  • Social and Economic Services.
  • Food Storage and Eradication of Pests.
  • Rehabilitation of Destitute and Disabled.

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In another development, Corps Members were briefed

“For primary assignment, corps members shall be posted based on discipline, requests by corps employers and need of the State. However, in view of the new posting policy of the scheme, corps members are not to be posted to multinational organizations, oil companies, banks and private organizations.

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After five (5) hours plus in the hot sun, nothing was shared to us. No soft drinks or snacks. But the dignitaries in attendance were given different bags loaded with what will gladden the stomach and keep the effective worms at rest for the rest of their existence.



Inking the pains and gains so far in Imo State NYSC Orientation Camp.

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