The NYSC Chronology from the Literary Shrine (Day 2) by Sir A-One



Passed the night 24.11.2016 in one big room with 41 other Corp members and almost 1,000 mosquitoes.


Who The Hell Is SIR A-ONE?


The Youth corp members had to struggle with the available oxygen, as the mosquitoes were busy feasting on us like some sacrificial lambs meant for slaughter.
Miserable night indeed.

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The NYSC anthem was taught. The first stanza alone. At 5.02a.m we had left our various bunks to the orientation field for Prayers. A Moslem and a Christian said the prayers. We had melodious praise and Worship before the prayer session by the Christian faithful. Those who were already set (white shirt, short and socks) were reprimanded in the field. While the rest of us who were still in the process of verifying our biometrics left the camp for the venue for the biometric verifications at 6.15a.m

The crowd was another story to tell. At 11.14a.m I was able to register.
Went for afternoon parade at 3.30pm.

Reporting from OGWUMBA HALL
(NYSC Temporary Orientation Camp) former Girls’ Model Secondary School Eziama Obaire Nkwerre Local Government Area, IMO State.

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