[Remembering Chinua Achebe] CHINUA ACHEBE – THE GENIUS WITH A PEN By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

[Remembering Chinua Achebe]



Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha


A society without writers is in darkness for writers are lighters and via their works, they enlighten minds. A writer is a thought leader, cornucopia of knowledge, trend setter and change agent. Writing is a noble profession.

Nigeria is blessed to have a great writer in the person of Chinualumogu Albert Achebe, an illustrious son of Ogidi in Anambra State. Achebe is among the foremost writers that gave a global voice to the Igbo people and Nigeria. He is truly a genius with pen for his works are easy to read but hard to forget. His writing style is unique.

Chinua Achebe is not dead, for great souls do not die, they simply transit to eternal glory where they enjoy bliss. Through his creative products, he bequeathed to us timeless values and principles. He is an immortal for generations will keep sourcing his sagacity in order to better their lives.
Professor Chinua Achebe lived a purpose-driven life by using his time and resources to impact lives. As a tutor, many of the people he taught are today giants in different walks of life. What greater honour than the fact that a man contributed to the success of other humans.


As a genius with a pen, he wrote enthralling poems, proses, essays, books, et cetera. He was a man of integrity and full of confidence that never allowed the corruption wind blowing in Nigeria to mess him up. He made us proud both at home and on the global playing field that Africa and the world history of literature will not be complete without mentioning his name.

Professor Chinua Achebe was a true writer and statesman. As he departed from mother earth, he handed the pen to we young writers to continue doing good from where he stopped. Together, we promise to unleash our geniuses and positively rewrite the conversations about our fatherland.


Brief Bio:

IFEANYI ENOCH ONUOHA is human capacity developer, thought leader, writer and public speaker. He is an internationally published author, winner of the Urban Books Authors and Writers of America (UBAWA) best book cover contest, pioneer and co-editor of ‘The Phenomenal Woman Poetry Anthology – Collection of Poems in Honour of Dr. Maya Angelou.’

Email: ifeanyienoch@gmail.com


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Event date: November 16, 2016.
Venue: Prof. Kenneth Dike E-Library, Awka, Anambra.
Organizer: The Society of Young Nigerian Writers Anambra State Chapter in collaboration with the Anambra State Library Board, Awka.

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