MUSIC IS SICK! PT 2 BY Osofowora Oladipupo Obsequious

music is sick

Is music complete without video? There’s no way we can broach music and not talk about the videos. Back in the days, music videos were meaningful and they corroborate the lyrics of the songs.

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Music videos used to propagate decency, probity, integrity and our cultural heritage. Unfortunately, such cannot be said of the videos we watch today. The videos then were top notch; that’s why we shall continue remembering them with great deference. While it could be said that music videos then lack picture quality, it is worthwhile to note they not only preach worthy messages but also promote our cultural heritage.


It is heartbreaking to know that while there’s been improvement in motion picture quality now, there are an alarming number of lascivious music videos now. Music videos are lewd and wanton these days, they are really explicit and not suitable for all ages. Most of the videos now dehumanize the female gender. You have a male artiste dressed awesomely and a gang or group of almost naked ladies exposing their glorious. This has been the sadden occurrence in music videos now. Explicit dance moves and steps parade the music scene, no iota of decency and private parts are now public exhibition. Hardly can we see a music video without the lustful display.

We all, directly or indirectly desire a world better than yesterday. We all want to make the world the best it can get but are most Nigerian artistes doing the same? While we could applaud our legends for preaching sanity and sanctity, is the current generation continuing the legacy? Women used to be treasured and protected. Both lyrics and video used to correct their shortcomings and get the best out of them. Today, women have been subjected to object of lust. Most songs and videos are geared towards having casual sex with ladies. So I’m left wondering, why is everything prurient now?

Can’t music sell without lewdness? Our generation’s female singers have done next to nothing to alleviate this act. Even female singers dress almost naked in music videos and concert, which leaves me to ponder, what are they really promoting, musical artistry or sensuality? If the queens of the industry can’t stand up and be counted for their female gender, who will? When ladies sing and encourage this act, who will salvage the menace? Our legends didn’t sexualize ladies to be famous. They didn’t request their subjects to go nude in musical videos to sell albums. They didn’t sing to encourage despicable acts to be legendary. Why has this generation gone astray in the path of Sodom? They didn’t wear revealing cloths in videos like hosts of artiste do now.

What you listen to and watch overtime, influence your sub-consciousness. Life is all garbage in garbage out. What goes inside of you, display itself outside you. If you feed your mind with wanton lyrics and videos, you are bound to act accordingly subconsciously. Have you ever wondered why indecency, immorality and all sort of social vices and negativities are rampant now in contrast to the past? It’s because we no longer have corrective music around. It’s because music don’t inspire the soul but debilitate it. We only aren’t conscious of the effect “their type of music” have on us.

People tend to act in accordance with their sub-consciousness. When the seed was planted subconsciously, it germinates consciously and people act on them. Even when you decided not to feed your eyes and mind with wanton and lascivious content, you get fed more than enough through musical videos. When you don’t have money and the flashy things in life, then you sit opposite the device most people have (television) and you saw some people flaunt your desires and wants, your cravings get aggravated. Not everyone can control the urge to delve into activities that fails the repugnancy test to get their desires. Feed yourself with positivity and live a happy life.

Good music isn’t mission impossible. We’ve enjoyed them in the past and we shouldn’t be starved now. We can always have the good old music in an improved version now. The music of old did pass meaningful messages, so can we have the songs of our time do the same. Basically, good music is a composite of awesome tune, amazingly evocative lyrics and corroborating video.
You don’t have to spit junks to be the next superstar. You can get beyond your wildest imaginations if you put the people first. When you put people first, you sing songs that they can relate with. When you put people first, you carve your name on heart and everyone’s lips. You dazzle your artistry singing about things that does not fail the rule of thumb. Sing songs that correct the wrongs in the society. The society would remain dormant if we all choose to fold our arms and watch. What will you do to make the world a better place?

Would it not be great if we have meaningful lyrics embedded in great tune? Successful artistes put the lyrics first; they don’t just hop on beat and sing zilch music. Banky W, 2face, Asa, Timi Dakolo,Darey, Tjan, Patoranking, Adekunle Gold, Sound Sultan and a host of others does this excellently. You also can stand out.

Is it all about the money and fame? There’s no denying the business side of music. But, when you give people good music, they money and fame would come. The wagon is filled with people who sing of things they don’t have. They don’t have the money, yet they sing about money like the world’s richest. It’s not about the money but the legacy you leave behind. We do not remember legends because of how much they amassed, but the quality of their works that lives on. Can your work live on?

This is not to criticize or castigate anyone or derail their works and hustle. It’s a movement to heal our sick music. I do not believe music is dead but sick, it needs healing! I must commend all artistes for their relentless efforts producing awesome tunes and giving us melodies to dance to, we are proud of you. I am of the school of thought that Nigerian music would excel beyond the shores of this country, Africa and beyond if artistes put more works to their products. Improve the lyrics, beats and all and we might have a Nigerian song competing for the Grammy.

It’s not bad singing about love, relationship and money but make them healthy for the soul. A song made up of conjured lines can’t stand the test of time, neither can it win anything. No one would do Hello’s cover if the song is not top notch. Noise does not inspire the world, only meaningful messages does!

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