Hostel: Different from What You know

Hostel redefined

When you hear ‘hostel’ at times
Your mind goes to students residential areas. Your mind is right, but there is a but.

Hostel is a place of residence…
Any amount you pay for rent at least 60% of it is used for your feeding.

You don’t have a choice of what to eat in hostels.

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Whatever others are eating, you eat happily or grudgingly. If cowpea (beans) is for breakfast, then you must eat it with others.

Real definition of hostel can be found in boarding schools.

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No freedom of movement/visitation.

According to wikipedia
“The world’s first hostel was established in 1912 at Altena Castle in Germany.”

You don’t cook in hostels.
They cook for you and you are always on queue to take your ration.

I know no Nigerian University (States/Federal) has that kind of care.

There are usually a bunk bed in hostels. Unlike the usual beds that are bigger and more comfortable to people.

What many referred to hostel in Nigeria is not really what it seems.

Hostels at times could be rented out to guests for fewer days.
Note: This is not like hotel accomodation.


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