A young boy wanted to have the best body on the planet, he decided never to hit the gym nor engage in any form of physical or mental exercise. He simply couldn’t subject his body to any form of rigorous exercise. Whenever he faced one; he ran as fast as Usain Bolt away from the exercise. He literarily grew to a man with little or no subjection of a single muscle. One day he stood opposite the mirror and saw a monstrous looking being. He had drum-belly (that’s if there is something like that), with lots of fat in the wrong places. He would easily pass for a monster.


“This wasn’t the body I wanted” he roared. “I wanted to look great, I wanted to hone the frame of world class model but here I am trapped in a sack of shame and disgust” he lamented bitterly. He simply wanted to be the best without engaging in what the best did or overcome what the best overcame.

What builds the greatest athletes and model of this universe? Is it food, natural endowment? Wel,l let’s save us the time and stress. It’s consistent visit to the gym and ever evolving exercises. Constantly subjecting the muscles to stress strengthens them. The result; the packs you crave coupled with a great frame.

I’m sure you are always horrified by problems. Problems seem to be the greatest enemy. The apparent truth is; they are, our greatest friends. You can’t grow mentally without the problems. Achievers constantly face problems head on. The only places I know with people free of problems are cemeteries!


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We all desire greatness, but traveling the journey and dodging problem is a person who wants to win Olympic gold medal without training. See problems as your exercise towards the great frame you crave. So how do you go into the contest with 100% assurance of success?
 ANALYZE THE PROBLEM: Engaging in a thorough evaluation of the problem aids the understanding of the problem. When you understand the problem, you are able to dissect the cause and source of the problem. Having objectively read the problem, you are well positioned to solve it. Have the knowledge of your problem. Ideas will flow to you once you calmly and objectively evaluate the problem.
 CREATE THE RIGHT THOUGHT: After understanding the problem, and having ideas, do well to create the right thoughts towards solving the problem. Do not be defeated even before facing your opponent. Calm your nerves and create positive thoughts around the problem regardless of how grave the problems and the surrounding circumstances are. Exercise your mind positively; being positive puts you in the right frame. Negativity? It guarantees defeat!
 HOLD ON TO THE RIGHT BELIEF: Having the right belief gives the needed boost towards success. Believe it is possible; believe you have the power to win regardless. Believe your ideas would work magic. Don’t bother your ideas with your belief even before putting them into action.
 TAKE MASSIVE ACTION: Positive thoughts and beliefs are useless without action. They are like the lame man beside the pool with no one to help him. Putting your ideas into action creates the reality you dream of. Remember, comfort does not build you, gory moments grow the muscles.
There’s always a seed of solution in every problem. Endeavor to dissect the seeds. The Supreme designer of the universe wraps the greatest success in gory rapper of problems. Your greatness lies in the problems you have. Peradventure you don’t have a problem; get on your knees and ask God to bless you with them in abundance. Embrace your problems; they hold the key to your greatness!

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