[World Longest Poem] DR FIXIT by GODWIN INYANG Verse 2502 – 2505

[World Longest Poem] DR FIXIT by GODWIN INYANG
Verse 2502 – 2505

‘Maybe next, he’d be
The one bringing the sacks
Of food into our storehouse,’
I say and my wife
Couldn’t stop giggling.
I pick up the book falling
Across my legs and we resume
From where we stopped reading:
”I was going everywhere
In search of jobs to help me
Put the next meal on
Our table and I’d meet
Anyone to help me out
But the big lesson I learned
In those lean years remains:
Hardship pushes one to
The limits of your potential –
I’d worked as a bard
And as a roustabout …’


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Tracit and I look up hearing
The sweet song of a bird,
Our eyes prowling the walls
And ceiling of the chamber.
Then simultaneously
We remember it’s the ringtone
Of my phone – it’d fallen
And is on the floor:
I pick it and look at
The ID of the caller.
It’s the head of the special
Flight crew – I secretly
Wonder what the problem
Is before pressing
The ‘ok’ key to answer.
‘Hello,’ I say and listen with
My wife to hear the person
At the other end as
The phone is on loudspeaker.

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‘Sir, we saw humans moving
Around the tractor, so I spied
To find out what was happening.
I discovered two humans with
Machete cuts which they
Inflicted on themselves after one
Accused the other of dating
His wife behind his back
And on close examination,
The accuser is
The cranky fellow who sold
The deer to the witch doctor
And the accused has a tent
Beside his in a hamlet
Humans stay to cultivate
The land near Amo Udia
Amo Unam village; one
To the other is neighbour.


‘Other humans in the hamlet
Are trying to convey
The two bleeding
Fighters to the village.
The deer-seller looks like
He might not survive his
Gaping wounds; the other
Fellow’s head is in bandage.
Bringing them to the village
Are men on motorcycles but
With the revelation there are
Other humans around
Outside what we knew of,
I intend to reach
The hamlet and find out
Their number but I’m asking
If we should drive them off?’


Godwin Inyang



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