One of the oldest method used by farmers to ward off birds is the use of scarecrow. When it’s nearing the havest period, the pests such as birds do come to the farm to destroy the farm produce, rendering them useless, reducing the quality and quantity.
These made the farmers to adopt the use of scarecrows to scare the birds.

A scarecrow looks like a human thereby making the birds to think there are still human beings on the farm. These thoughts make them stay off the farm till the farmer is ready to harvest it.

These scarecrows are weapons of farmers to scare their farm enemies like the birds.
I should ask you.

Do you have a scarecrow to ward your antagonist? Think of it.

Your antagonists are just like the birds which something must be done to make them stay away from you.

Below are some possible scarecrows you can use against your human birds(enemies):

1. Your enemy’s enemy:
Yeah, it is said that ” your enemy’s enemy is your friend”. Think of the situation where you are both hunting for the same man.

The moments where you both want the same person from causing greater havoc, then you have to liase to stop him.

2. Success:
Your achievements should be one of your weapon to clip the wings of your enemies. Think of your antagonist always wanting you to fall, you should use him/her as a stepping stone to success. Make your path to glory a success despite all evils being done to you.
Make him/her jealous of your achievements.

3. Happiness:
You see; depression cuts one’s life short. So, why would you be depressed?
Do you want your enemies to be glad that you are depressed? If no, then you should be happy in all ramification.
Your happiness will even make your enemies to be angry and depressed.

In conclusion, make use of your scarecrows to scare your human birds away. Use every weapon you have within you to fight them.
(c) Sulaiman Rasidat Oluwakemi.
The Personal Development Empress.

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