The crucial thing in leadership



Effective leaders are alike in one crucial way;
And what’s that?
Emotional Intelligence(E.I)

Emotional Intelligence is something very much important in every position of being a leader.

Research shows that incisive, analytical mind, best training, endless supply of smart ideas doesn’t make you a leader if the Emotional Intelligence is absent.

Emotional Intelligence means working with others and effectiveness in leading. It can also be linked with strong performance.

Imagine the situation whereby the manager of a company or the leader of a group lacks the Emotional Intelligence; the need to control his emotions and not wanting to work effectively with others. The aim of the group will crash because the key thing; Emotional Intelligence is absent.

One of the components of Emotional Intelligence(E.I) is SELF- AWARENESS.

For a leader to be called a leader, he must be Self-Awared. He must be able to recognize his strengths, weaknesses, have a deep understanding of his emotions and its effect on others.

It once happened that the leader of a group had the sole aim of his group annihilating. Instead of sitting with them and talking it all over, he kept blaming them and transferred the aggresion unto them.

Things are not done that way.

He should have called a round table meeting, praised them for their countless efforts in trying to make their goal a success.

Then he should be gentle with them. Speak gently to them and they all fish out what has actually happened; where things went wrong and try making a change.

A gradual process!

Someone with self-awareness will never admit failure and will always be ready to consider advices from other employees and take a step forward towards the success of the group.


Below I share with you how to Recognize a leader with Self-Awareness.

Ability to speak accurately and openly:

A leader with self-awareness will always speak accurately and openly about the impact his emotions have on his work.

He tries to understand his emotions, weaknesses and won’t let it get in the way of their goals.

Not necessarily the speech should be with confession but with effectiveness. Carefully saying the inside-out of his emotions/feelings and watching it so it won’t serve as a set-back between him and his employees.


To recognize a leader, the self-esteem, self-confidence will be found in him. Take a survey of those set of leaders and notice how they rule effectively.

He will get the self-confidence first before he extends the confidence to others. Remember if you are not confident in yourself, then it’s useless having confidence in others.

Performance Reviews:

A leader who is Self-Aware will always review his performances. He will always be comfortable talking about their limitation and strengths.

He will always go back and look into their performances in the oragnization and try making a change just to make everything perfect.
So, I need to ask you this question as a leader;

Do you possess those qualities?


If No, then you do not have the key thing in leading; Emotional Intelligence(E.I).

Before you can be self-awared, some things needs to brought into practice.
I share with you below the key points for you to be self-awared.


Meditation is actually a key tool in building your self-awareness. One of the most effective meditating place and position are in a silent place and while lieing down respectively.

It makes your brain cool and makes you assess yourself.

”What are my strengths and weaknesses?”

”What else is needed to be added to this to make it a success?”

All these questions are to be asked while meditating and trust me you will get a very great answer to them.

Write down your priorities:

There is something in Economics; Scale of Preference. It means writing down your needs in order of priorities.

To gain the self-awareness, your plans and priorities should be written down so you can arrive at a perfect and rigid result.

Ask your confidants:

You cannot know every single thing you do. So, you need to ask your confidantants what they think about you, what they noticed in you. What needs to be removed, added or changed in you.

Listen to feedbacks:

You should ask for feedbacks from friends, families and relation about what you do. Their feedbacks actually counts a lot as it helps to know where else the faults lie. Every feedbacks you are given should be properly looked into and used to brace yourself up.

Keep tabs on as I share with you the second part of ‘THE CRUCIAL THING IN LEADERSHIP.’
Build your self-awareness as it makes you a great leader.

(c) 2016

Sulaiman Rasidat Oluwakemi

Sulaiman Rasidat
The Personal Development Empress.

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