MUSIC IS SICK! By Osofowora Oladipupo Obsequious PT 1

music is sick

What does good music mean to you? To me, good music is all about accessible music: songs that are easy to listen to and understand. Over the years, music has been in constant evolution, with range of fascinating genre of music. Our nation is blessed with talented sapiens that have been able to create path in the forest.

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With countless genres of music flaunting their prowess on the music scene, there’s no denying the greatness in Nigerian music. While we rock our shoes to some mind blowing tunes from fuji , Apala, Senwele, Jazz, Afro Pop, RnB, RAP, Hip-Hop,Reggae, High life and all, it is pertinent to know that one prominent element that cuts across every genre of music is the meaningful message they disseminate. But a striking saddening occurrence is the disparity between the olden day’s kind of songs and the new generational songs. While we had impactful messages wrapped in great tune back then, such cannot be said of music today. So I’m left wondering, what stole the graceful lyrics from the music of our generation?


Gone are days when music used to inspire the listener positively. Long gone are the days when songs used to be meaningful. The “old school” songs aren’t just full of words but they are gem. These ever green songs helped curb societal excesses, teach morals and uphold the rules of thumb. The songs back then were inspired by personal experiences and societal norm. They weren’t just melodious but are having a discernible meaning. I so miss the jam that stimulates the mind positively and make you rock your shoes. Little wonder why Onyeka Onwenu, Mike Okri, King Sunny Ade, Majek Fashek, Victor Olaiya, Haruna Ishola and other’s memories linger on. These songs are not outstanding because we adore the legends but because of the perceptible impacts these songs make on generations.

In contrast, what we have today is melodiously gratified noise. Lyrics are meaninglessly conjured line that does nothing but deteriorate sanity. Most of the songs we listen to now are hollow songs. Nowadays, music is the inspiration to engage in social vices unlike what we had in the past. Artistes today only sing about women, casual sex and everything that fails the repugnance test. Music today is not even 18+ but 21+. It is so pathetic that kids memorize and sing these songs effortlessly. We hardly can boast of a collection of songs that uphold the rule of thumb. Our music libraries are filled with incoherent song lyrics. When songs are incoherent, they are sure to be void of evocative profound messages we once enjoyed.

When we walk the streets, lewd music pollutes the atmosphere. We cannot relate with music anymore like we used to. Songs now disseminate the latest slang in town like wildfire. Music of our time promotes quite a number of lines that lacks substance. Lyrics are sexual, pedophilic and meaningless; that’s even if you hear them. RAP used to be Rhythm and Poem till recently, it turned noise. Lyrics are no longer soul lifting but sanity deteriorating. What could be expected from sanity deteriorated generation? Your guess is as good as mine, nothing but behaviors that leaves lot to be desired. I listened to a song sometimes ago, I repeated the songs quite a number of times but I couldn’t pick a line from it. Why? I couldn’t hear the lyrics. Are raps not meant to be heard? That’s what they tell us indirectly now. Lyrics are crazily vulgar and prurient. You know the music and well in tune with the lyrics.

Conjured lines are the norms now. Nowadays, each line in the phase does not even relate to each other let alone form meaningful melody at length. In as much as I would not love to mention names, do well to check up the lyrics of your favorite jam. Even if I wish to give examples, the list is endless. Staggering number of Nigerian musicians do not have meaningful message to pass across, instead they hop on beats, open the buccal cavity and let some substances do the singing. How disheartening to know that artiste does not sing because they have wisdom to pass across; they do for cynical reasons. I so much miss the days when songs minister to souls. God bless Onyeka Onwenu and co for the great message they wrapped in awesome tune. Majek Fashek gave us Redemption Song and it remains an evergreen.

Wondering what it is like to conjure lines? Listen to Wizkid-in my bed, your sanity get confused, you will be left thinking if he’s singing for the girls to sleep in his bed? Praise prominent politicians or Praise God? Timaya- Ekoloma Demba… till date I’m still wondering what the song is about, and even, what’s ekoloma demba? Please help my ignorance. D-Prince- Take banana…research shows the line aired about 56times in the song. Most of Terry G songs are simply out of this world. MC Galaxy -komolop Cholop, P-Square- Shekini nini to mention a few. You know those songs we struggle to make sense out of their lyrics more than I do.

Back then, music production took enormous amount of time. Lyrics were scrutinized and proof read before they are allowed into the air. Gone are the days when quality time was spent to make good music. Today, “their type of songs” is made at the speed of light. We feed on songs produced at the speed of light, which explains why the songs are void of captivating lyrics. I believe the recent trend of feeding us with nursery rhythms and refurbished old songs lyrics would stop if time is devoted to each track. Refurbishing oldies lyrics are the norms because artist cannot invest their time to write meaningful lyrics. How long shall we continue to tolerate these attitudes? A rising tide lifts all boats, if these people spend quality time not just in beat production but in lyrics and video conceptualization, it would be a beauty to behold and music to the ear.

How sadden to know that large portion of songs today lack any form of edification. Majority of the songs nowadays either talk about love, casual sex, money or lies about things they haven’t even done in their wildest dream let alone real world. Songs now are so vulgar and lewd and this cause parents and guidance extra efforts to keep it out of reach to minors. Reasonable adults do not listen to them, talk more about minors. The content today sexualizes the female gender. Women are depicted as sexual object or object of casual pleasure in the music world. Music has encouraged lots of social vices from indecency, prostitution, extreme fashion and all. Music should edify, not cause the soul to lust after women and money. Back then, music helped raise the bar for women. They were treasured and appreciated. Today, songs are talking about the female center of excellence and having casual sex with them regardless of their consent.

Some songs promotes rape, while some are pedophilic yet they make wave and people sing along joyfully. Prostitution and “runz” like they call it are on the increase because music has desensitized the populace to believe it’s a normal thing. You would be forgiven to think the male entertainers are the only culprit engineering the menace, but on a keener look, you will be left heartbroken when you notice the female entertainers endorsing the menace against their own gender. The number of rape cases is on all-time high, teenagers, youths and adults are all entangled in the web. I cannot put a finger on anyone dedicating a song to curb the menace. What they do is indirectly promote it through their lewd and vulgar lyrics. Oh son of Abraham!

I must commend our producers; they are nothing short of greatness. There’s been massive improvement and development in the beats nowadays. Unfortunately, this improvement is failing to lift lyrics. Maybe the beats have become a curse for this generation. We all dance to songs not because the lyrics are top notch but because the beats are hit banger. Our producers are so good: we cannot but rock our shoes to the beat. While this could be commended, there’s disparity in the lyrics. Now, because the beats are great and irresistible, artists just hop on them and spit whatever they dim fit. Don’t take my words for it, take the words of Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE “nowadays artistes are more concern about the instrumental and not the message they want to pass across. Very sad to know”

Awesome beats are abused, great beats deserves great lyrics but today the beats are great, the lyrics are mediocre. The puny songs we listen to these days are prurient, which makes them unhealthy for all ages. A keen analysis of most songs these days reveals that songs are mostly made up of beats, slang, nursery rhythm or re-brand of oldies or conjured lines. Hardly can we flaunt 10 evergreen songs from the songs of our generation in contrast to the oldies we can’t stop celebrating. The older the wine- the merrier, so is the oldies. Song needs lyrics to stand the test of time, which explain why songs lose their groove less than 6 months after release. Good beats deserve great lyrics not slang and nursery rhythms.

Do you make sense out of today’s songs? Are you of the opinion that this is the best music we’ve ever had? can it get better than this or worse? share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Stay tuned for the final episode of this piece!

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  1. If the lyrics were mediocre it would have been forbidable. Entertainment is no longer what it used to be. It’s a sad reality!

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