SIMTECH ELECTRONIC GENERATORS (popularly known as Inverters) Capacity / prices:
*k: Thousand
*N: Naira

750w = N185k,
1.5kva = N250k,
2.5kva = N350k,
3.5kva = N450k,
5kva = N650k,
7.5kva = N850k,
10kva = N1.5m,
15kva = N1.8m, etc. all including the Batteries, with 2 full years guarantee…

Special Features for 3.5kva & above:
*100% specification accuracy,
*Runs longer than the conventional types, minimum 10 hours daily while on load,
*Extra-fast charging, but drains very slowly,
*Can power water pump, fridge or a/cs with electric iron, electronics, light & fans at the same time unlike the conventional types,
*Longer battery lifespan, up to 3 years minimum even with ordinary automobile batteries, then how much more with original deep cycle types..?

Simtech Innovations (Ltd) Test & see the reality for your self, a trial will convince you…

More Durable, Reliable, Renewable & Affordable than the conventional types if compelled with similar capacities of these Simtech Products…

Proudly Naija…😊👍

Please, encourage & patronize our indigenous Creativity / Products to grow the Naira…

👀 Looking forward to seeing you for patronage. Thanks..! ☺


√For more info / enquiries..?
Please, call: Simtech on: 08087961201, 08057612573 or WhatsApp on: 08039708436.



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