Most religious doctrines enjoin the faithful that they should remember to count their days so that they might constantly and continually remind themselves that their physical presence on the surface of planet earth diminishes by each day. That is, for every day they live, their longevity reduces.

People give appointments for meetings to hold in a year’s time, tell you authoritatively that they would be in Japan in six months’ time, be in UK in three months’ time and give a date for housewarming of a house which is yet to have a foundation, and you wonder if such characters were responsible for their own creation.

People of all ages and all situations in life must begin to learn that they are not in control of Death, the final terminator of every one’s physical presence on earth, will strike. Once we are very conscious of this fact and we keep it in our mind every blessed day, we shall limit our gluttony, moderate our acquisition madness, reduce our selfishness and self-centeredness and breed humane society.

Each time I am about to leave my residence, I take a look round the premises and say to myself that I may not return to the cherished building or the beautiful family it has been my luck to share the premises with. Every human being departing his or her place or abode should leave with the consciousness that he or she may never return to the place.

Each and every one of us may now begin to say to themselves: If I die today… What will happen to my three palatial buildings in Abuja? If I die today, what will happen to my mansions in the US and South Africa? If I die today, what will happen to my private yatch and my fleet of exotic cars? What will happen to the millions and billions stacked away in Luxembourg and Switzerland? Who will inherit the billions in Saudi Arabia? By the way, none of my children is in possession of the codes attached to my personal accounts. If I die today, what will I be remembered for? Will my fat bank accounts speak for me? Will 74 wives follow me to the grave? Will my kingly crown be buried with me? Or, is it my good deeds and unblemished character that will speak for me and immortalise my name?

We are all enjoined to live each day as if it were our last but more than that we are to live each day with realisation that we may not be privileged to see the next day. With such realisation and mind set, no one is likely to cling to life as if one determines the length of one’s tenancy on the earth surface.

And if you who erroneously and arrogantly believe you are the super landlord of 50 houses dotted round the globe realise that even your own tenancy is not permanent and can be terminated without a minute notice, you will have a different outlook of life. Please, ask yourself: IF I DIE TODAY…


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