KALU AND THE BEAUTIFUL WITCH by Sunsampaul Egwu (A Flash Fiction)


On a very busy day after the heavy downpour in Umuze village, Kalu, a poor hunter had no food to feed his family. Even the animals in the bush who were all busy searching for their preys to feast on, had ran to their hideout. Kalu wanted meat for his family, it has been 3 weeks since his sophisticated traps caught any animal.

After much thinking, Kalu headed for the bush the next morning. He left with him, two water bottles, his hunting bag, traps, weapons, and few other things. He said to himself,

“I must go home with two animals for feasting and sale, I can’t be a hunter and be starving.” He expressed so much enthusiasm.

Nine hours past, Kalu didn’t see any animal neither did his sophisticated traps catch any. He’s the only hunter in the village who has five traps that are refined, yet he remained poor for being unfortunate. He became worried and went further in the bush. It was getting darker but Kalu still insisted he must wait till he gets two animals for sale and feasting because it has been long he tasted meat.

As Kalu moved further in the already dark bush surrounded by the hissing sounds of night insects and unseen snakes, he came across a beautiful lady whose eyes were dazzling and stunning, but she was in black linen gown. Kalu who’s already a fearless hunter asked her who she was, but she shouted at him. “Will you not go home and let us have our meeting in peace.” Kalu was astonished; he didn’t know what meeting she meant.

The lady then said to him “I am a witch whose teeth devour human flesh, who is always drunk to stupor by human blood”. She said all these to scare Kalu away, but Kalu being fearless said to her “I am Kalu the fearless hunter who’s poor even though with sophisticated traps, whose voice can’t be seized, and whose accent is so innocent like that of a decent saint.”

This exchange of words and personal praises continued until the lady began to fall in love with Kalu’s accent that sounded like decent saint and that of a Fulani cowboy.

She was confused.

“What do you want here, tell me and it shall be done.” She said this because her eye charm she used to charm Kalu in order for him to die failed. Kalu answered “I am here to get two animals for my family and for sale; I’m poor and haven’t tasted meat for 3 weeks.” Before Kalu would finish saying the last word, a life deer and a grass-cutter appeared behind him. He turned and saw the animals, he shot them dead and thanked the beautiful witch, after which he went home happily with the deer and the grass-cutter.


© Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher 2016

Sunsampaul Egwu is a blogger and writer.

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  1. When an Author/Pengician submits a picture with his piece, we do add it before publication. But sometimes, we do add pictures to convey the crafted message to the audience.

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