[Poetry] Coffin by Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie


I need a resting place
look at my face
is it not white with fear?
i fear the people
i fear the light of day
i fear the darkness of night
i was birthed
with no love
i grew up
far away from home
and what is home really?
home cannot be found on earth
so the one i never got to see
that is not my true home
i have wandered aimlessly
striking my foot on stones
drawing pain and blood
and i got no pity
i have seen the undertaker
my real friend
i have lived my life in fear
and in betrayal
from double-edged friends
and i have cried
this man
the undertaker
he will do me a favor
he will get me a coffin
my true home
and i will enter it
and the lid will be shut
i have some money
a few thousand naria
it will cover the cost
of burying me alive
and the funeral
i shall allow the undertaker to decide
where a man of my standing truly belongs
i once had honour
it was lost
on the day i became a thief
i am well known
for my innocent looks

Pengician on earth's journey (fact)
and for my hungry eyes
i have
lived a life of a scoundrel
i deserve to be hanged
but i want a painless death
inside this coffin
cheap wood
i never liked expensive things
except i was stealing them.
(c) Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie 2016

Michael Ifeanyi 

is a writer that specializes in poetry and short stories.
Occassionally, he writes articles and essays. .
He loves solitude and writes when alone. .
He believes in the power of simplicity in writing and he employs the technique in all of his writings.





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