3 Things you might not believe about Chess game

3 Things you might not believe about Chess game

Blindfolded Chess

Blindfold chess is real and documented in world records. It is as it sounds: a player makes all of his or her moves without looking at a board. Usually there is a “middle man” of sorts to give and receive moves for the game.
Blindfold chess is an impressive skill that many stronger chess players possess. It certainly requires a keen ability to see the board clearly, which can get difficult after many moves. The record was set in 1960 in Budapest by Hungarian Janos Flesch, who played 52 opponents simultaneously while blindfolded – he won 31 of those games.

Blindfolded Chess


Chess and your Brain

Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function. Also allowing the mind to solve complex problems and work through ideas, it is no wonder that chess is recommended in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Some contend that it can increase one’s intelligence, though that is a more complex topic.
The effects of chess on young individuals had led to chess being introduced in school districts and various countries. It has been shown to improve children’s grades and other positive effects as well.

Chess and Brain



Chess advancement
Chess has a very long and distinguished history. It is believed to originate out of India during the Gupta empire, and subsequently made its way to the West in the 9th century. Of course there have been many different advancements between the time periods of then and now, which has made chess what it is today.
For instance, allowing pawns to advance two squares only from its original position was introduced in 1280 in Spain. Pawn promotion rules were limited for quite some time, such as in the 18th and 19th century when it was limited to a previously-capture piece. Of course, now a pawn may be promoted to a knight, bishop, rook, or queen (there may be more than one queen now, as opposed to earlier times).


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